Grammar Goofs To Avoid

One of the many infographics from Copyblogger is
a memorable way to remember the fifteen things that are anathema to editors.

(What! Only fifteen? LOL)
And much to my joy–the dangling participles are hanging at the end.
Not the best explanation I’ve ever seen. (My own superb article is on editing participles is also posted today.) But you get the picture…

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly

What do you think about infographics? A better way to remember? How many do you recognize? How many do you have problems with?

I tried linking it in but it did rather clash with my new Word Press header.

This is my first attempt at customizing my WordPress header simply using the free Paint program and my own photos. Comments (nice ones) welcome. Other comments would also be helpful. I won’t pretend to like them lol.